2014 Covenant Health Faculty of Nursing Awards

Winners and Nominees

The nominees and recipients of the 2014 Covenant Health Awards Faculty of Nursing were recognized at a luncheon May 6, 2014.

This recognition program, started in 2011, is an initiative to acknowledge leadership, excellence and teamwork within our community of students, faculty, staff and alumni.

Thanks once again to our partners, Covenant Health, Canada’s largest Catholic provider of health care and to Sandra Vanderzee, Corporate Director of Professional Practice and Research, who presented the recipients with their awards.

Advancement of Nursing Research Award

Recipient: Deb White 
Nominator: Kathryn King-Shier

Outstanding Nursing Graduate Student Award

Recipient: Julia Wigmore 
Nominator: Elizabeth Keys 
(Pictured: Graham McCaffrey)

Outstanding Nursing Graduate Teaching Award

Recipient: Lillian Rallison 
Nominator: Sara Hosseina 
(Pictured: Christine Foran)

Team Award

Recipient: CASN Accreditation Team 
Nominator: Brenda Toth

CASN Accreditation Team members: 

  • Martie Dobbs 
  • Colleen Macleod 
  • Amy McCarthy (absent from photo)

Nominee: Nursing Graduate Student's Association 
Nominator: Morgan Yates

Nominee: Term 4 Team 
Nominator: Gayle Rutherford

Outstanding Nursing Undergraduate Student Award

Recipient: Jacinthe Ly Dang 
Nominator: Sarah Brown 
Nominator: Carla Ferreira 
Nominator: Bridey Connolly, Alyssa Scheffelmair

Nominee: Graham Courtney 
Nominator: Chelsea Langdon

Outstanding Nursing Undergraduate Teaching Award

Recipient: Tanya Yuill 
Nominator: Hailey Ward 
(Pictured: Ruth Swart)

Nominee: Marlies Murdoch 
Nominator: Jacinthe Ly Dang

Nominee: Shawna Curry 
Nominator: Salina Hua

Nominee: Christine Foran 
Nominator: Stephanie Richmond

ASPIRE (internal) Award

Recipient: Liana Hustak 
Nominator: Don Flaming

Nominee: Cynthia Mannion 
Nominator: Cydnee Seneviratne

ASPIRE (external) Award

Recipient: Marian Sayers 
Nominator: Chelsea Langdon

Nominee: Shantel Cook 
Nominator: Bridey Connolly

Nominee: Lynn Clark 
Nominator: Mia Torres and Melissa Pistone