2016 Covenant Health Faculty of Nursing Awards

Winners and Nominees

The nominees and recipients of the 2016 Covenant Health Faculty of Nursing Awards were recognized at a luncheon May 11, 2016 at the University of Calgary Dining Centre.

This recognition program, started in 2011, is an initiative to acknowledge leadership, excellence and teamwork within our community of students, faculty, staff and alumni.

Thanks once again to our partners, Covenant Health, Canada’s largest Catholic provider of health care: Lynn Klein, Corporate Director, Professional Practice and Research, who presented the recipients with their awards.

Inspirational Undergraduate Nursing Student Award

Recipient: MJ Calungcaguin
Nominator: Frances Obiakor

Nominee: Jacqueline Wilson
Nominator: Karen Benzies

Inspirational Graduate Nursing Student Award

Recipient: Elizabeth Keys
Nominator: Karen Benzies

Nominee: Karen Rasmussen
Nominator: Shelley Raffin Bouchal

Outstanding Faculty of Nursing Team Award

Recipient: YMCA Team - Saddletowne
Nominator: Aaron Li, Zoe Petropolous, Jordan Kendrick

Nominee: Peer mentoring team
Nominator: Graham McCaffrey

Graduate Teaching Excellence Award

No nominations

Undergraduate Teaching Excellence Award

Recipient: Aaron Li
Nominator: Zoe Petroplous

Emerging Researcher Award

Recipient: Shane Sinclair (not pictured)
Nominator: Shelley Raffin Bouchal

Nominee: Kashif Mughal
Nominator: Karen Benzies

Inspirational Preceptor/Mentor Award

Recipient: Karen Corry
Nominator: Maria Sosa Ponce

Nominee: Karen Benzies
Nominator: Carla Ginn

Exceptional Alumna Award

Recipient: Judith Hanson
Nominator: Claire Mills

Nominee: Shannon Parker
Nominator: Karen Benzies

Above and Beyond Award

Recipient: Jill Norris
Nominator: Lorraine Venturato

Nominee: Melody Loewen
Nominator: Karen Benzies

Nominee: Carlos Salinas
Nominators: Amy McCarthy and Marc Hall