2020 Faculty of Nursing Pursuit of Excellence Awards

The Faculty of Nursing Pursuit of Excellence Awards recognize the hard work, commitment and success of our students, faculty, staff, alumni and community partners in whom we take great pride. 

Due to COVID-19, we have cancelled our annual luncheon, held during National Nursing Week, where we come together in person to celebrate our recipients and nominees. However, it is especially important during this time we recognize our committed community of health-care providers, including our wonderful UCalgary Nursing students, faculty members, staff and alumni and acknowledge 2020 as the Year of the Nurse and the Midwife.

Congratulations all recipients and nominees!

Award committee members Arielle Manzano, BN'18 and MJ Calungcaguin, BN'17 (who would have served as co-emcees at our luncheon) bring this virtual message to everyone who submitted a nomination this year. 


Carolyn Dunning

2020 Inspirational Undergraduate Student Award

Carolyn Dunning (recipient)
Nominated by Krista Wollny, Kaleigh Peters

Brooklyn Soloski (nominee)
Nominated by Megan Keszler

Noopur Swadas (nominee)
Nominated by Sarah Dewell

Kirnvir Dhaliwal

2020 Inspirational Graduate Student Award

Kirnvir Dhaliwal (recipient)
Nominated by Sarah Dewell

Amelia Potter (nominee)
Nominated by Krista Putnam

Heather Bensler

2020 Undergraduate Teaching Excellence Award

Heather Bensler (recipient)
Nominated by Hailee Crawford

Sandra Davidson

2020 Graduate Teaching Excellence Award

Sandra Davidson (recipient)
Nominated by Justin Burkett

Teaching Integrated Learning Technology Team

Amber Porter (left) and Leda Stawnychko

2020 Outstanding Team Award

Teaching Integrated Learning Technology (TILT) Team (recipient)

  • Aya Hafez
  • Nedal Marei
  • Amber Porter
  • Leda Stawnychko

Nominated by Andrew Estefan

Kwok Wai Yim

2020 Inspirational Preceptor/Mentor Award

Kwok Wai Yim (recipient)
Nominated by Megan Paul

Lorelli Nowell (nominee)
Nominated by Healther Bensler

Sarah Dewell (nominee)
Nominated by Noopur Swadas
Nominated by Kirn Dhaliwal

Nancy Moules (nominee)
Nominated by Kate Wong

Cathy Le

2020 Exceptional Alumnus Award

Cathy Le, BN’15 (recipient)
Nominated by Carla Ferreira

Brenda Bode

2020 Outstanding Support Staff Award

Brenda Bode (recipient)
Nominated by Brenda Toth
Nominated by Stacy Oke, Jodie Steffan

Gaylynne Plysiuk (nominee)
Nominated by Brenda Bode

Nancy Moules

2020 Committee's Choice Award

Nancy Moules (recipient)
Nominated by Kate Wong in the Inspirational Preceptor/Mentor Award category