Graduate Students

Dr. Sandra Goldsworthy supervises the following graduate students at the Faculty of Nursing 


Sarah Giesbrecht

Alberta Novice Critical Care Nurses’ Self-Efficacy, Learning Styles, and Their Perceptions of Their Orientation Program (thesis)

Jennifer Geisbrecht

An Exploratory Delphi Pilot Study to Identify Transformational Leadership Practices of Nurse Unit Managers in the Calgary Zone of Alberta Health Services (co-supervised with Dr. Sandra Reilly)

Amanda Heisted

How Do Critical Care Environments Affect the Health and the Decision of Registered Nurses to Remain in Critical Care? (thesis)

Ashleigh Mercredi

Childbirth Care Providers Experiences and Perceptions of Water Birth Practice in Alberta (thesis)

Catherine McIntyre

What is the experience of patients at risk of developing post intensive care syndrome after hospital discharge - the patient experience with an ICU recovery clinic in Calgary, Alberta (thesis) (Co-supervised with Dr. Lorriane Venturato)

Vivian Nitamoah

Development of a Mentoring Program to Increase Retention (project)

J.David Patterson

Building Team Competencies Through Simulation: An Interprofessional Perspective (project) - completed

Chelsea McCabe

Using a Multimedia Information Resource to Improve Information Sharing with Family Members of Adult ICU Patients

Glennis Park

How do Registered Nurses in Alberta utilize their personal smart phones on acute care units?