Program Recommended Awards

Program Recommended Awards for Nursing - Master of Nursing & Doctoral Nursing 

Students choose the application related to their program. 

Scholarships from a variety of sources, including private donors who endow the Faculty of Nursing with funding, determine the criteria defined in the Terms of Reference for each award. Applicants must meet the Terms of Reference, and select awards require a written statement.  Award details can be reviewed on the Graduate Awards Database. 

The application does not require supporting documents such as transcripts or letters of reference. However, it is strongly recommended that students have their supervisor* review the application prior to submission. (* if applicable)

Future students are encouraged to submit an application regardless if they have received an offer of admission to their program.

If you are a future student who has applied for admission to a graduate program, please email your application to with the heading PRA application review required in the subject line and the Graduate Programs Office will have a faculty member review your application and provide feedback.