Program Recommended Awards

All Program Recommended Awards (PRAs) that are available for Faculty of Nursing Graduate Students are compiled in an application form for Master of Nursing students, and a form for PhD students.

The application forms are made available in February each year, with a closing date on or about March 16th. Detailed instructions are provided on the first 2 pages of the application form. Late applications cannot be accepted.

The application for the PRA Competition does not require supporting documents such as transcripts or letters of reference. However, it is strongly recommended that students have their supervisor review the application to ask for their guidance on how to strengthen it.

Future students should submit an awards application by the closing date for the competition regardless of whether they have received an offer of admission to their program. If you are a future student who has applied for admission to a graduate program, please email your application to with the heading PRA application review required in the subject line of the email, and the Graduate Programs Office will make arrangements for a faculty member to review your application and provide feedback.

The Terms of Reference for each award are available for viewing on the Graduate Awards Database. Donors endow the Faculty of Nursing with funding for awards, and determine the criteria defined in the terms of reference for each award. You must meet the Terms of Reference for each award that you apply for, and many of the awards require that you provide a statement describing how you meet the Terms of Reference.

As well, the PRA application requires a one-page essay which should include:

  • your focus of study in your graduate program;
  • the significance of your focus to nursing;
  • the relevance to the award(s) for which you are applying;
  • for thesis students (MN & PhD) a description of proposed and/or ongoing research

Program Recommended Awards by Student Type

Mabel Green Graduate Scholarship in Nursing

Charlotte Firth Memorial Graduate Scholarship in Community Health Nursing

Ching Por Tsang and Yee Ping Tsang Li Memorial Graduate Scholarship

Bill and Marian Sayers Scholarship in Gerontological Nursing

Doris M. Taylor Graduate Scholarship in Nursing

Lorraine M. Wright Family Nursing Scholarship

Sarla Sethi Graduate Scholarship

Shanti Swarup & Shanti Devi Chugh Graduate Scholarship in Nursing

Canadian Federation of University Women/Calgary, Hall/Street Graduate Scholarship in Nursing

Danny Browning, RN, Graduate Scholarship

Dobson Family Master of Nursing Scholarships

Education for the Future Master of Nursing Scholarship

Karen Gammie Graduate Scholarship

Nap and Nancy Douziech Master of Nursing Scholarship

Faculty of Nursing Alumni Graduate Scholarship  

Marvin & Yvonne Hayne & Family Master of Nursing Scholarship

University of Calgary Nursing Alumni Scholarship

Education for the Future Doctoral Scholarship in Nursing

Dobson Family Doctoral Scholarship in Nursing

Linda Barry-Hollowell Graduate Scholarship (this award is only offered once every 3 years (2021, 2024, 2027 etc)