May 12, 2020

2020 Outstanding Team Award

Teaching Integrated Learning Technology (TILT) Team (recipient)
2020 Outstanding Team Award - TILT

Teaching Integrated Learning Technology (TILT)

Aya Hafez | Nedal Marei | Amber Porter | Leda Stawnychko

Nominated by Andrew Estefan

Over the course of the last two years, this extraordinary team has made a significant impact on the capacity of the Faculty of Nursing to engage with educational technology and to offer high quality online education to undergraduate and graduate students.

Team members use careful skills to allay faculty members’ uncertainty, anxiety and concerns about the steep e-learning curve, thoroughly problem-solving, asking critical questions to ensure a quality educational product and bringing together the necessary resources to produce a satisfactory outcome.

Within the team there is clear communication and triaging of requests to determine who is the best fit for a given request: they meet faculty, students and staff where they are at through helpful support and coaching.

2020 Outstanding Team Award - TILT

From left, Leda Stawnychko, Aya Hafez, Amber Porter and Nedal Marei.