May 11, 2021

2021 Committee’s Choice Award

Clinical Simulation Learning Centre (CSLC) team
CSLC team

CSLC team (recipients)
Jeff Dawes, Nancy Histed, Peggy Gorrie, Deborah Banack

Nominated by Barb Whitworth

“Together and behind the scenes, the CSLC team works hard to develop, create, manage and organize all the simulated learning that occurs within the faculty including support for the high-fidelity simulations, on-campus labs and extra student learning needs. They have had to rethink how everything is done within the CSLC space during COVID. The team’s bottom line is to always provide the students with the highest learning environment, ensuring that the instructors have the equipment they need to teach and that everyone is safe during their time within the CSLC. I have seen them providing Kleenex, a quiet space and a caring word to instructors when things have not gone well. They have run for an orange juice and stayed with a student who fainted so that I could continue to teach and know that the student was looked after.”

2021 Committee's Choice Award

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