Oct. 27, 2020

Jarislowsky Fellows in Business Management host first event of the 2020-21 year

Event included a virtual fireside chat with Mr. Stephen A. Jarislowsky and discussion on leadership in a divided world
Jarislowsky Fellows in Business Management host first event of the 2020-21 year
Heather Culbert and Arthur Korpach

Each year Haskayne MBA and EMBA students have the opportunity to interact with leaders who have a diverse background and a wealth of leadership experience through the Canadian Centre for Advanced Leadership in Business’ Jarislowsky Fellowship in Business Management Program. This year we welcome Heather Culbert, Board Member of Export Development Canada, Alberta Research and Innovation Advisory Council and Whitecap Resources, as the new co-fellow for 2020-2021. Arthur Korpach, Board Member of Inter Pipeline Ltd. and Freehold Royalties Ltd., will continue his fellowship for the second year. The fellows have chosen this year’s theme to be Leadership in Times of Crisis - read more about it here.

In December of 2019 the world first heard of a virus called COVID-19. Little did we know that this minuscule particle would turn into a pandemic and bring the entire world to a standstill. The pandemic had a major impact on how businesses operated. Organizations were forced to adapt to the ever-changing landscape. Most of the meetings transitioned to an online format, and despite having some drawbacks, it allowed us to connect with people across the globe from the comfort of our homes. On October 5, 2020, seventy five Haskayne MBA and EMBA students had the opportunity to hear from with Mr. Stephen A. Jarislowsky, Founder, Chairman Emeritus, and Board Member of Jarislowsky Fraser Limited and namesake of the Jarislowsky Fellowship in Business Management at the Haskayne School of Business over Zoom and take in his words of wisdom regarding leadership in a divided world. It was a rare opportunity to hear from such experienced business leaders and the co-fellows were pleased to offer it to students.

The Jarislowsky co-fellows acted as moderators and introduced the other guest of honour, Mr. Richard F. Haskayne, the school’s namesake and Board Chair Emeritus, University of Calgary. Mr. Haskayne introduced Mr. Jarislowsky and recounted their friendship. Having a wealth of experience and knowledge, Mr. Jarislowsky imparted his knowledge to all present.

What advice would you offer to businesses to help them navigate through these fast-changing times? Should businesses weigh in on social matters or stick to their strategies? These and many other questions were asked during the chat. In answering these questions, Mr. Jarislowsky emphasised his long-standing views of ethics in leadership and advised students to not stray from the path of righteousness.

In response to the question “If you were a twenty eight year old MBA student today where would you focus your efforts?”, Mr. Jarislowsky spoke about the impact mentors have on the lives of students as well the three mentors who were responsible for shaping him into the person that he is today.

The Canadian Centre for Advanced Leadership in Business would like to thank the Jarislowsky co-fellows, Mr. Jarislowsky, Mr. Haskayne, dean Jim Dewald and all guests in attendance for being such engaged participants.