Feb. 19, 2019

Rural Medicine Wraps Up 2019 Conference

Cabin Fever: An experience for Precepting Physicians in 2019
Rural Recognition Award Winners
Dr. Robert Perlau, Dr. Hart Stadnick, Dr. Ashley Rommens, Annamaria Mundell, Dr. Kristy Penner Marchella Barbero

Through February 8-10, preceptors from all across the province joined together in Banff for Distributed Learning and Rural Initiatives’ annual Cabin Fever conference. Hosted at the Banff Centre for Arts and Creativity, this three day conference featured a host of impactful speakers, rural recognition awards, and a community of dedicated physicians sharing their knowledge.

We heard from Dave and Teri Price, who explored the critical need for system change to address healthcare gaps. Dr. Sandy Macdonald recounted his journey in Nunavut, explaining how social upheaval affects health, the importance of equal partnerships, and what to expect in a remote practice. Finally the conference closed with Dr. Allan Donsky highlighting mindfulness as a powerful tool to mental and physical wellbeing.

Additionally, the contributions of several health care professionals were recognized at the Rural Recognition Awards Banquet. Dr. Robert Perlau, Dr. Hart Stadnick, Dr. Ashley Rommens, Dr. Kristy Penner, and Annamaria Mundell were celebrated for their outstanding achievements in the rural community.