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Report to Community

Year in Review 2022-2023

Dean's Message

Welcome to our 2022-2023 Report to Community, a review of what we have accomplished and continue to work toward as outlined in our 2017 - 2024 strategic plan.

As I announced in my message in last year’s report, I am delighted that my term has been renewed for an additional five years.  The official announcement was made by the Provost in August of 2022, so it technically falls into this year’s news.  That renewal signifies to me the confidence and trust of our students, staff and faculty - we are moving in the right direction. Another highlight for Canadian nursing this past year was the appointment of Dr. Leigh Chapman to the role of Health Canada’s Chief Nursing Officer after a 12-year vacancy of this role. We had the honor to host Dr. Chapman at UCalgary this past winter on her cross country check-in with nurses. Her advocacy for our profession at the federal level and her vision for the unity of all nurses across this nation is truly inspiring. Together we can do so much!

We are now in the final year of our strategic plan. I am delighted with the progress we have made, much of which you will read about in this report.  That includes: the research inroads we have made that foster a culture of innovation; the strength and perseverance of our students as we come out of the past three years of turmoil; our leadership in developing new undergraduate routes in rural Alberta; our re-visioned graduate programs and new graduate certificates; and the permanency of our NP-led mental health and wellness clinic, now no longer a pilot program thanks to the sustained contributions of dedicated faculty and staff. Our Faculty has also been bolstered by the Alberta government’s funding of 96 new seats for our Bachelor of Nursing program; the success and awards of faculty members; the continuing drive of our undergrad students to seek funding to support their peers; and the community confidence and engagement that we have experienced in our initiatives.

I begin this new year with a brief leave to gather more energy for strategic planning in 2024 and furthering the leadership we have shown as a top nursing education academy in Canada. I am excited by what is ahead: progressive movement toward more Indigenous initiatives led by our new director for that portfolio; strengthened partnerships with our health-care community and our Calgary and provincial community in general; a celebration of 30 years in our home, the Professional Faculties Building; and perhaps most importantly, the return to more regular, in-person, on-campus interactions.  Those have been sorely missed.

Happy reading!

Dr. Sandra Davidson
Dean, UCalgary Nursing

CNO Visit

We welcomed Dr. Leigh Chapman, Canada's Chief Nursing Officer, in February. From left, Faith Moghaddami, Kate Wong, Athena Liu, Leigh Chapman, Sandra Davidson, Haley Copeland, Erika Korven.

UCalgary Nursing Spark

The Culture and Practice of Nursing

"A personal highlight this year was being interviewed by Julia MacGregor of Now Innovating during National Nursing Week and Canadian Innovation Week in May.  In our conversation I was able to highlight the program innovations we’ve implemented in our Faculty and I also highlighted the important role of nursing research and innovation in transforming our health system."

Now Innovating with Dr. Sandra Davidson Pt. 2: Nursing Education

Now Innovating: A research-to-impact series at the University of Calgary 

Watch now

Research and Scholarship

We lead the generation of research and scholarship to improve and innovate nursing education, health outcomes and systems transformation.

Merilee Brockway, BN'04, PhD'19

How human milk can help the infant microbiome

One of the newest faculty members, assistant professor Dr. Meredith Brockway (BN'04, PhD'19), has already distinguished herself as a key researcher in the benefits of human milk for the infant microbiome

Dr. Colleen Cuthbert

Nursing's Canada Research Chair studies cancer survivorship

Dr. Colleen Cuthbert (BN'06, NP'08, MN'08, PhD'17), UCalgary Nursing’s only Canada Research Chair, continues her ground-breaking work in cancer survivorship, researching ways to alleviate the long- and short-term effects of a cancer diagnosis.

Jelena Komanchuk BN'13

Doctoral student committed to improving health of vulnerable children

Many of our students focus on technology for their graduate research. Case in point: PhD student Jelena Komanchuk (BN’13) whose doctoral research is evaluating the effectiveness of the First Pathways Game, a digital educational parenting program developed by her co-supervisor Dr. Judy Cameron [PhD] from the University of Pittsburgh. (Komanchuk is also supervised by UCalgary Nursing’s Dr. Nicole Letourneau.)

Research Revenue 2023

Source: UCalgary Research Revenue database

Publications and Presentations

Period: April 2022 - May 2023

Source: Faculty self-reported numbers

Books 2
Chapters 16
Peer-reviewed journal articles 217
Published conference papers and abstracts 74
Other papers 5
Invited-provincial/national 92
Invited-international 28
Provincial 41
National 46
International 60


Quality and Breadth of Learning

We deliver resiliency-informed experiential programs that develop the future leaders and innovators of the discipline and nursing practice. 

UCalgary Nursing, Portage College and AHS partner for collaborative degree program

UCalgary Nursing has been teaming with Alberta Health Services to tackle the significant nursing shortage that is projected to continue and increase in rural and remote areas of the province. In addition to the program in Wainwright [September 2021], in January 2023, a new program for LPNs was launched in northern Alberta. 

First LPN cohort of UCalgary Nursing students at Portage College

First LPN cohort of UCalgary Nursing students at Portage College

Undergraduate students address on-campus alcohol consumption

Our undergraduate students continue to investigate ways to better their communities with their clinical placement projects. This cohort of second-year students addressed alcohol consumption on campus to find ways to minimize the risk and consequences to first-year students living in residence.  

NURS 289 team

This NURS 289 team collaborated with UCalgary Wellness on their clinical project. From left: Sylvia Wong, Derek Perchard, Dario Gooray, Geneviève Careau, Anna Young, Teagan Smith, Kuira Jackson and Halle Middleton.

NP Mental Health & Wellness Clinic no longer a pilot program

In 2017, our strategic plan focused on promoting wellness for work and study and in 2021, launched a pilot NP-run clinic.  Since then, we endured a pandemic that put enormous pressure on us all, but especially our students. We have continued our commitment to the quality of student learning by heightening our services and, in June 2023, we made a permanent commitment to that wellness space. 

Mental Health NP Clinic

Clinic team members Sandy Johansson and Dr. Jacqueline Smith, BN'09, MN'11, PhD'15 welcome the UCalgary Nursing community to their space.

Report to Community Undergraduate and Graduate Programs

Community Engagement

We engage with local and global communities to develop sustainable relationships for mutual benefit and increased resiliency.

Nursing faculty collaborates with Cumming School of Medicine’s Snyder Institute for Chronic Diseases for Science in the Cinema

In March, the faculty partnered with the Cumming School of Medicine on their long-running Science in the Cinema (SITC) series to bring awareness to World Tuberculosis Day (March 24). This collaboration illuminated the many ways medicine and nursing work together: stay tuned for more SITC collaborations in the new season. 

Science in the Cinema

A capacity crowd packed the Plaza Theatre in March for a film and panel on tuberculosis - past, present and future

UCalgary Nursing strengthens efforts to understand its role in Indigenous health care

Since the hiring of Dr. Michelle Scott as UCalgary Nursing Indigenous director in January 2023, that portfolio has been energized by new initiatives. Scott is capitalizing on the work previously done as well as envisioning and actioning the next steps for Indigenous teaching and learning in the faculty. 

Eva Haigh-Baptiste

Eva Haigh-Baptiste

Undergrad brings nursing perspective to Indigenous Health Program at Foothills

Eva Haigh-Baptiste is from the Samson Cree Nation. Her summer student position at Cumming School of Medicine (CSM) as the Indigenous Health Program (IHP) assistant allows her to support med students and to connect with her Indigenous culture.

At CSM, the Indigenous Health Program is committed to supporting Indigenous learners and confronting the issues faced by Indigenous people both in the health-care system and at UCalgary. The program facilitates the inclusion of Indigenous people and knowledge within the CSM and supports institutional initiatives in education, research and health care that aim to improve health outcomes with all Indigenous people.

Nursing Story Slam

Story Slam organizers, Marc Hall and Dr. Nancy Moules (very back row), join participants at April event.

UCalgary Nursing hosts its first Nursing Story Slam

The tradition of the “poetry slam,” or performance poetry, is the basis for the story slam and UCalgary Nursing’s Research Office held its first this past April. The success of the event will hopefully encourage a larger community of health-care practitioners to participate and contribute stories next year. 

Donations made between July 2022 and June 2023

Donations made between July 2022 and June 2023

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The 2022-2023 Report to Community was created by the UCalgary Nursing Advancement Team. If you have any questions or need more information, please contact us.