Funding Applications

Undergraduate research funding opportunities include summer studentships, travel grants, and stipends.

Graduate research awards are available for domestic and international students.

Postdoctoral research funding opportunities can be found on the Postdoc funding calendar.

Grant opportunities are posted by the UCalgary Research Services Office and the Nursing Research Office.

A Project Holder (Principal Investigator) at UCalgary must meet these criteria.

If you are planning to apply for a research grant, please contact the Nursing Research Facilitator.

  • The formatting and detail of budgets for grant proposals varies from competition to competition. However, all budgets should have all anticipated expenses listed (and possibly indirect/overhead costs depending on the grant competition).
  • The most common sections of budgets include:
    • Knowledge Translation and Dissemination (e.g., open access fees)
    • Travel and Accommodation (e.g., conference registration fees, return flight estimates, costs for staying at a hotel)
    • Goods and Services (e.g., focus group lunches, space rental costs, gift card incentives for participants)
    • Equipment (e.g., laptop for project)
    • Materials and Supplies (e.g., flipchart paper, markers, printing, recruitment poster costs)
    • Personnel/Contractors (e.g., salary for a Research Coordinator, stipend for a Graduate Research Assistant, calculation of benefits, contract cost for biostatistician)

A Data Management Plan (DMP) is a document that describes how you will organize, store, and share your research data throughout the lifetime of a project. It is a living document that can be modified to accommodate changes over the course of your study and does not generally contain or expose data. Some funders require a DMP as part of your grant application.