Participant Recruitment

Explore recruitment strategies and create effective recruiting materials.

How do I earn a meta-badge or badge?

To earn the Participant Recruitment meta-badge, you must earn both of the badges below and receive 85%+ on the summary assignment.

To earn a badge, you must attend 90%+ of the workshop session(s) and receive 85%+ on the assignment(s).

REDI-Participant Recruitment_RecruitmentStrategies

Participant Recruitment Strategies

Learn best practices for recruiting participants in diverse environments (e.g., hospitals, educational institutions, in the community, etc.) using varied recruiting methods (e.g., e-mails, posters, snowball sampling, etc.).

Designing Recruitment Materials

Developing Recruitment Materials

Explore best practices for an array of recruitment materials (e.g., posters, e-mails, letters of initial contact, business cards, etc.) and practice creating targeted materials for several research projects.

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