Term 5

Term 5

Acute Care

Focus is on individuals and families with serious health challenges and life-threatening illnesses

  • Learn about acute illness, injury and disease in Canada; nursing approaches to managing alterations in all body systems; management and skills associated with rapidly changing health situations; and complex communication and clinical reasoning
  • Practice within the faculty and also in hospital units such as general adult medicine and surgery, pediatrics, psychiatry and cardiology
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Topics you'll study

  • Population health trends in acute illness, injury and disease in Canada
  • Pathophysiology, diagnostic studies, assessment and nursing management of acute alterations in all body systems
  • Management and skills associated with rapidly changing health situations 
  • Technical skills required for practice in acute care settings
  • Pharmacological applications to major acute disease conditions
  • Critiquing and applying evidence for nursing practice
  • Complex communication, relational practice, clinical reasoning and care planning/implementation skills
  • Nursing practice includes on and off campus practice experiences

Course Listing for Term 5

  • Nursing 485: The Discipline and Profession of Nursing III: Furthering Inquiry and Scholarship in Nursing (3 units)
  • Nursing 487: The Science of Health III: People Experiencing Life Threatening Health Challenges (3 units)
  • Nursing 488: Supporting Health III: People with Life-Threatening Health Challenges (3 units)
  • Nursing 489: Integrating Nursing Roles and Practices III: Learning, Praxis and Scholarship in the Practicum Setting (6 units)

Location of clinical placements:

  • Acute care hospital nursing units
    • inpatient psychiatry
    • pediatrics
    • general adult medicine and surgery
    • cardiology
    • orthopedics