Term 7

Term 7


Focus is on integrating your classroom knowledge with your practice as well as working with concepts of leadership, research, policy development and ethics

  • Choose two senior Nursing options in an area of particular interest to you for in-depth study and also develop additional analytical and research skills, competence and confidence in clinical decision-making and self-evaluation
  • Gain a thorough understanding of health systems and health policy
  • Practice within the faculty and also choose a focused area with a particular population (child/adolescent, older adult, perinatal/maternity, oncology, addictions/mental health)
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Topics you'll study

  • Each student will select two senior nursing option courses for in-depth study of clinical and professional topics
  • Comprehensive assessment and clinical reasoning
  • Competence and confidence in clinical decision-making
  • Integration of theoretic frameworks, research evidence and clinical practice 
  • Working with other health care professionals: ethics, power and politics in practice
  • Developing competencies and skills in self-evaluation
  • Working within professional standards of nursing practice
  • Developing analytical and evaluative skills of inquiry and research-mindedness
  • Understanding models of care, health systems and health policy
  • Nursing practice includes on and off campus practice experiences

Course Listing for Term 7

  • Nursing 585: The Discipline and Profession of Nursing V: Preparing for Professional Role Transition (3 units)
  • Nursing 5XX: Senior Nursing Option TBA (3 units)
  • Nursing 5XX: Senior Nursing Option TBA (3 units)
  • Nursing 589: Integrating Nursing Roles and Practices V: Learning, Praxis and Scholarship in the Practicum Setting (6 units)

Location of clinical placements

Students will choose a focused area of clinical practice with a particular population (child /adolescent, older adult in crisis, perinatal/maternity, oncology, addictions/ mental health and community) and/or setting (options will include hospital, clinic/outpatient and community settings)