Term 8

Term 8

Knowledge Synthesis

Focus is on your transition to the role of a registered nurse

  • Spend the majority of this final term in an offsite practice setting working 1:1 with a registered nurse preceptor and your faculty advisor
  • Expand and consolidate your nursing knowledge, skills and attitudes toward coordination of patient/family-centered care
  • Participate in collaborative practice teams
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Topics you'll study

  • Senior preceptored practicum (378 clinical hours)
  • Synthesis, application and further acquisition of nursing knowledge, skills and attitudes in a selected nursing practice setting
  • Consolidation of organizational skills for coordination of patient/family centered care
  • Participation in collaborative interprofessional practice teams
  • Leadership, management and change in health systems and models of care delivery
  • Nursing practice includes on and off campus practice experiences

Course Listing for Term 8

Nursing 599: Integrating Nursing Roles and Practices VI: Transition to Nursing Practice (15 units)

Location of clinical placements

Diverse practice settings in hospital, clinic/outpatient and community settings in an urban or rural environment