Alumni Committee Executive

We are a committed group of UCalgary Nursing alumni, happy to be an integral part of the faculty and to be leading initiatives and activities for our more than 8,000 graduates.



Please feel free to engage with any of our executive members for more information. We hope you will consider joining us in this rewarding volunteer opportunity!

Kate Wong BN'12 - Co-president

Kate Wong BN'12


I have held the position of president/co-president from 2012-2015 and from 2016. I currently work at the Rotary Flames House at the Alberta Children’s Hospital, Alberta’s first and only pediatric hospice. I have just returned to the Faculty of Nursing to pursue my Master of Nursing in the thesis route: looking forward to becoming a two-time alumna!

Dominic Chan BN’14 - Co-president

Dominic Chan BN’14


I have always been keen on extracurricular involvement and have worked for three years with the alumni executive as treasurer, vice-president and now president.  As an RN, I have worked in multiple areas within Calgary and recently moved to Vancouver to work in mental health (you can be an exec  member at a distance too!).  I would be very happy to speak with anyone who has questions about the Nursing Alumni and hope you will consider getting involved! 

Zeeyaan Somani BN’18 - Treasurer

Zeeyaan Somani BN’18


I graduated in December 2017 and now work as a Public Health Nurse in Calgary. During my undergraduate career, I acted as a representative on faculty committees, co-chaired the Year One Nursing Council and was a member of the Undergraduate Nursing Society. Being a part of the Alumni Committee over the past few years has been rewarding, and has provided me with the opportunity to stay connected to the faculty and other incredible past alumni.

Arielle Manzano BN’18

Arielle Manzano BN’18


While completing my BN, I became involved in several committees, serving as a vice president on the Year One Nursing Council and as the president of the Undergraduate Nursing Society. I am passionate about nursing leadership and am eager to inspire new alumni to remain connected with their alma mater. I work in Child and Adolescent Mental Health at the Alberta Children’s Hospital and, in my free time, I play piano and have won accolades and awards over the years, both as a performer and instructor.

Bronze Committee

(graduated within the last nine years)

Pawan Chahal BN’17

Pawan Chahal BN’17


I am currently employed at the Foothills Medical Centre and enjoy giving back to my community. Beyond being the Bronze Committee co-chair, I spend time volunteering with seniors and at the Calgary Distress Centre.

Suman Parmar

Suman Parmar BN’17


I’m currently working on a pulmonary medicine and thoracic surgery unit and hope to be working in adult ICU within five years. As a recent grad, I am happy to hear your suggestions for programming of interest to alumni who have graduated in the last ten years.


Silver Committee

(grad years from 10 to 24 years out)



Gold Committee

(grad years from the 25th year on)

Judith Hanson BN’, MN’83 - Co-chair

Judith Hanson BN’, MN’83


As a nursing administrator and leader, I was instrumental in the transition from stand-alone, hospital-based administration to the Calgary Health Region and brought nurses together to achieve great success amidst a changing landscape. In August, I retired my teaching position in the undergraduate program after many rewarding years of teaching, but I remain active in research activities and community projects and as a member of the faculty’s Engagement Committee. I am in my second year of chairing the Alumni Gold Committee.

Rita Lisella BN’82, MN’91 - Co-chair

Rita Lisella BN’82, MN’91


Before retiring in 2015, I worked in the areas of general medicine, respiratory, cardiology and communicable disease as a staff nurse and manager. I was honoured to complete my nursing career at UCalgary Nursing (2003 – 2015) where I taught in the undergrad program and coordinated nursing practicums for undergraduate and graduate students. In 2014, I was awarded a University of Calgary Teaching award for Team Teaching. As a proud alum, I was president of the Nursing Alumni Committee between 2001 and 2005.

Wesley Fabroa UNS respresentative

Wesley Fabroa

Undergraduate Nursing Society (UNS) representative

I am a 4th year student and am VP External on UNS. This year, UCalgary was proud to host the 2019 Canadian Nursing Student Association’s National Conference in January and I acted as committee chair.  

Members at large

  • Dianne Dyer (BN’76, MN’93)
  • Elaine Fischer (BN’75),
  • Lisa Hunter (BN’12)
  • Julia Imanoff (MN’16)
  • Ellena Piccone (BN’11)
  • Kimberly Lo (BN’17)
  • Jenna Mullaney (BN’14)
  • Karla Sanchez
  • Alston Seto (BN’18)
  • Danielle Swerhone (BN’85)
  • Natalie Wiebe (BN’16)