Nursing Guys Club

What is the Nursing Guys Club?

Falling under the Undergraduate Nursing Society (UNS), NGC is a club designed to attract prospective university students to pursue the wonderful and reward profession of nursing. By promoting nursing, specifically here at the University of Calgary, we aim to the question, “Why should I choose nursing?”. We strive to be inclusive to all people, focus on equity, and emphasize the importance of men in nursing as well.


We want to lessen the worldwide shortage of nurses, improve the percentage of male nursing students as well as inform students about the nursing profession, to hopefully probe the desire within them to make an impact in the lives of those around them. Nursing is such a rewarding and heartfelt career and we want students to know that.


NGC advocates for the nursing profession through educating students. We use brochures, visit high schools, use Zoom sessions, are involved in university open houses and offer high school students an opportunity to connect with registered nurses.

Mottos and Beliefs

Save one life, you’re a hero. Save a hundred lives, you’re a nurse - Anonymous

Nurses are the heart of healthcare 

It’s a beautiful thing when career and passion come together 

Never give-up on anybody because miracles happens every day


We just launched our Instagram site (@unsnursingguysclub)! Feel free too check it out and fill out the Google Forms link if you are interested in joining our team! Google Forms Link

Executive Team

President - Natalia Monro

President - Natalia Monro

The President serves as the chairperson of NGC meetings and acts as the liason and spokesperson for the NGC with faculty, members of press and community, and fellow nursing students.

Faculty of Nursing Alumni Representative - Jarienne Amarante

The Faculty of Nursing Alumni Committee Representative acts as a liaison between the two groups and share their perspective as well as provide updates on programming to each group.

Frist Year Representative - Mykhailo Lipatov

The First Year Representative offers their opinion and suggests constructive changes during our monthly meetings based on their experience as a first year student.

Second Year Representative - Cynthia Wang

Second Year Representative - Cynthia Wang

The Second Year Representative offers their opinion and suggests constructive changes during our monthly meetings based on their experience as a second year student.

Secretary - Shirley Lehr

Secretary - Shirley Lehr

The Secretary is the administration of the club, records and plans meeting minutes during monthly meetings.

VP Event Planner - Fernando Bejar Saona

The VP Event Planner assists in organizing events for the club, such as meet ups with high schools, zoom meetings, advertising events, and the closure event for the year.

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