May 12, 2020

2020 Outstanding Support Staff Award

Brenda Bode
2020 Outstanding Support Staff Award Brenda Bode

Brenda Bode (recipient)

Nominated by Brenda Toth
Nominated by Stacy Oke, Jodie Steffan

An energetic, approachable and well-organized member of the undergraduate team, Brenda is someone whose door is always open, greeting everyone with a smile and taking time to ensure everyone has what they need to complete their tasks. She is able to shift gears – from working with students who she often sees at vulnerable times in their academic careers to helping to coordinate high level projects like the faculty’s CASN accreditation, from the self-report to scheduling over 80 meetings in five days for the reviewers.

Throughout it all, Brenda is non-judgmental, kind and helpful. She is also the social convener for the faculty, organizing impromptu parties and helping to plan for larger staff events.  Brenda remains very balanced in maintaining her own personal wellness, setting boundaries on her time and being respectful of the time of her colleagues.

2020 Outstanding Support Staff Award Brenda Bode

Brenda Bode, Senior Administrative Assistant, Faculty of Nursing

Gaylynne Plysiuk (nominee)
Nominated by Brenda Bode

Gaylynne’s ongoing commitment to the faculty is displayed by the ways she goes above and beyond to support her peers, faculty, students and anyone who crosses her path looking for assistance.