March 23, 2017

Faculty of Nursing launches new strategic plan

Vision for next four years is to lead the pursuit of nursing excellence
Barb Shellian, BN'79, MN'83, president of the Canadian Nurses Association and member of the Community Advisory Council, left, and Dianne Tapp, dean, Faculty of Nursing.

From left, Barb Shellian, BN'79, MN'83 and Dianne Tapp, dean, Faculty of Nursing.

Adrian Shellard, for the Faculty of Nursing

Recognizing that the profession of nursing is always evolving, the Faculty of Nursing is focusing its future on continually raising the bar for excellence in teaching, learning, research and community service.

On March 22, the faculty launched its 2017-2020 strategic plan, Leading the Pursuit of Nursing Excellence. The four-year plan outlines a framework for students, faculty, staff and partners to work together to impact the future of nursing.

The strategic priorities include:

  • Leadership for nursing excellence
  • Wellness for work and study
  • Research to promote health across the lifespan in the areas of:
    • Advancement of nursing education
    • Child and family mental health
    • Living well with chronic conditions

“This strategic plan declares our commitment to the pursuit of nursing excellence as we partner and lead to advance nursing education, practice and research,” says Dianne Tapp, dean, Faculty of Nursing.

“It is grounded in what we heard is important to our students, faculty and staff, internal stakeholders, key partners, and the clients and communities we serve.”

Building leadership capacity

The Faculty of Nursing is committed to advancing nursing leadership in a broad sense for people in all roles and at every level. This includes supporting staff and faculty so they can further develop leadership skills and encouraging both undergraduate and graduate students to discover their inner strengths.

As president of the Canadian Nurses Association, Barb Shellian, BN'79, MN'83, says leadership was a “responsibility” after she completed her master’s degree.

“Graduate school gave me a training ground for skills in the area of advocacy, diplomacy, teamwork and political action,” says Shellian, who, as a member of the faculty’s Community Advisory Council, played a role in the development of the new strategic plan. “I am proud to know the faculty’s path continues a tradition of courage and leadership.”

Promoting health and well-being in work and learning environments

In order to "walk the talk" around health promotion, the Faculty of Nursing will advocate for health in others by prioritizing workplace practices that support well-being and health maintenance internally.

“From our strategic planning process, it was clear there’s a strong desire to nurture a learning and work environment promoting respect, compassion and well-being,” says Tapp. “We will ensure that wellness is a visible and palpable focus encompassing all of our communities — one supported by UCalgary’s Campus Mental Health Strategy.”

To that end, the faculty’s engagement committee will ensure access to programs and resources are available to support a healthy work and learning space.

Research to promote health across the lifespan

The Faculty of Nursing continues building momentum in the areas of research leadership. Its goals are to achieve national prominence for excellence in nursing education; improve mental health for children and families; and contribute to better health outcomes and service delivery for people living with chronic conditions.

“I am confident our new strategic direction will drive us to achieve our mission of leading and collaborating to promote health across the lifespan, to work with our communities to transform the well-being of individuals and families, and to be innovators in education, research and health care,” says Tapp.

Learn more about Leading the Pursuit of Nursing Excellence, the Faculty of Nursing's 2017-2020 strategic plan.

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