Quality and breadth of learning

Quality and Breadth of Learning

Where we are

  • Traditional curriculum/delivery model
  • Accredited by Canadian Association of Schools of Nursing (CASN)
  • Renewed focus on mental health and wellness
  • Striving towards better work-life integration for faculty, staff and students
  • Leveraging technology to provide tangible improvement in quality of learning while gaining efficiencies (Clinical Simulation Learning Centre [CSLC] and technology-enabled learning environments)
  • Responding to community needs (e.g. stackable certificate in oncology, development of DN degree)
  • Best-in-class resources at UCalgary around teaching and learning (Taylor Institute for Teaching and Learning)

Where we are going

  • Increasing use of blended learning and flexible delivery options
  • Designing bold, innovative, future-focused programs (both undergraduate and graduate) where we fully utilize technology to enhance learning (CSLC and virtual learning)
  • Increasing accessibility to learning (not geographically bound)
  • Enhancing the education-practice connection
  • Integrating experiential learning with innovative clinical placements and real-world grand challenges
  • Integrating inter-professional education (IPE) more comprehensively and systematically
  • Establishing a suite of global learning experiences

How we will get there

  • Supporting people to mobilize resources and structures to optimize learning (e.g. faculty development, learning technology)
  • Renewing our graduate and undergraduate programs to be flexible and to meet the needs of our learners, our communities and the discipline
  • Building resilience at all levels (individual, organizational, community)
  • Exploring novel pathways to attract diverse types of learners
  • Establishing robust mechanisms for program evaluation that enables continuous improvement in our educational programs
  • Fostering reciprocal relationships with the community that inform our programs and support our learners and in turn, enhance community health and wellbeing

Living the Plan - Quality and Breadth of Learning

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