Our Core Values

We walk the talk and live by our values in our teaching, learning, research, practice and daily relationships with each other.

UCalgary Nursing Core Values

Our values are nursing values

We are called on to live by our values in our daily relationships with students, in collegial relationships among faculty and staff and in decision-making related to faculty governance and planning.

The value statements are uniquely our own and true to our distinct character and culture within the discipline of nursing.

We recognize and respect diversity, engaging within our differences, and striving for all to feel valued and supported.

We foster a supportive environment that upholds personal dignity through interactions characterized by integrity and courtesy.

We seek to understand and respond to the needs and suffering of humanity through action-oriented caring.

We cultivate our own strengths and the strengths of others in pursuit of excellence and shared goals, taking responsibility for creation of desired futures.

We think creatively and act with commitment and integrity even when it is difficult.

We focus individually and collectively on promoting all aspects of health in our work, study and personal lives.