Peer Mentorship Committee

This student-led group hosts inclusive events and connects undergraduate nursing students across all semesters 


The Peer Mentorship Committee aims to empower students to create a self-sustaining and supportive student community/environment within the Faculty of Nursing. We are driven to executing innovative events that recognize and target the social needs of all undergraduate nursing students. 


The Peer Mentorship Committee is a student-led group dedicated to enhancing peer mentoring through small groups and a series of events to help support and connect all undergraduate nursing students. The group consists of nursing students from various years to provide academic and social support within the nursing faculty.

What we do

We work to connect nursing students in all semesters to promote an integrated and supportive environment to help them  thrive throughout their undergraduate nursing experience. Peer mentorship hosts inclusive events and connects nursing students to provide a foundation of support. 


Haley Copeland portrait

Haley Copeland, Chair

The chair of the Peer Mentorship Committee (PMC) act as liaisons with the UNS General Council regarding the activities of the PMC and organize academic and social events such as tutorials, game nights, and welcome parties. PMC is always looking for people to join the committee so we can provide lots of support to students and have fun together.

Isak Larsen

Isak Larsen, Co-Chair

"Hi, my name is Isak Larsen. I am a second-year direct entry student from Calgary and am serving as the Co-Chair of the Peer Mentorship Committee (PMC).

In my first year of the nursing program, I worked as one of the Co-Chairs of the Year One Nursing Council, which worked to plan events that would bring year one nursing students together. This work was important as it was a place where relationships could start to form within the nursing community. Getting to know your peers is a very important part of this program as these are the people that you go through school with, and eventually work with. I joined the Peer Mentorship committee to continue this work in the faculty. This year we hope to put on events that are available for all nursing students to attend and make new connections. We are also planning to work with other groups in the university, such as the Nurse mentorship program.

We hope to see you at one of our events this year! If you have any questions or ideas, please feel free to email us."

Want to join or attend our events? Email