Peer Mentorship Committee

Peer Mentorship Committee

This student-led group hosts inclusive events and connects undergraduate nursing students across all semesters 


The Peer Mentorship Committee aims to empower students to create a self-sustaining and supportive student community/environment within the Faculty of Nursing. We are driven to executing innovative events that recognize and target the social needs of all undergraduate nursing students. 


The Peer Mentorship Committee is a student-led group dedicated to enhancing peer mentoring through small groups and a series of events to help support and connect all undergraduate nursing students. The group consists of nursing students from various years to provide academic and social support within the nursing faculty.

What we do

We work to connect nursing students in all semesters to promote an integrated and supportive environment to help them  thrive throughout their undergraduate nursing experience. Peer mentorship hosts inclusive events and connects nursing students to provide a foundation of support. 


Melody Chu

Melody Chu

"I am a student in my second year of nursing. I chose the nursing program because it incorporates the art of caring and knowledge about health. More importantly, I like serving the society and people, which will allow me to connect, support and inspire people. Meanwhile, I would like to learn and reflect on the constructive feedback received from them. I aspire to become one of the professional and eminent nurses.

In my first year of nursing, I received lots of help and encouragement from the faculty. I love this friendly, positive environment established by our supportive students and staff members. It is my pleasure and honour to be one of this year's co-chairs of the Peer-Mentorship Committee, which gives me an opportunity to contribute to our community and to serve the student body.

I am excited for the upcoming terms as I will be more engaged in nursing practices and interact with more people. With the various skills and experiences that I have obtained throughout my first year, I hope to do a better job. All constructive suggestions are welcome at any time."

Lucy Liu

Lucy Liu


"I am a second-year nursing student, and Peer Mentorship has helped me a lot in my first year, which is why I am very excited to be a co-chair for this year! University was challenging for me as a first-year student, but the events hosted by Peer Mentorship helped me find a place within the faculty both academically and socially. I realize how valuable this committee is in connecting nursing students from all years, and I am looking forward to further developing this connection and making sure nursing students receive the help they need.

To me, nursing is about building a strong, trusting relationship with patients and having a special connection with everyone. I chose nursing because I wanted to help and care for people, but also because I wanted to meet people from a variety of backgrounds, understand them, and form lasting bonds with them. Although I am only in second year and my nursing journey has just begun, I can already appreciate the strong bonds students have with each other and with staff in the faculty.

The supportive and welcoming environment in this faculty is exactly what I hope to reflect through Peer Mentorship, and I am looking forward to meeting new people, sharing my experiences, and making new connections!" 

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